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Another baby Rhino born at Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary -Uganda Safari News

Another baby Rhino born at Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary -Uganda Safari News

Another baby Rhino born at Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary -Uganda Safari News

Another baby Rhino born at Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary -Uganda Safari News

Uganda’s only Rhino home – Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary received good news on the 19th of April as they registered the latest rhino birth. With the new addition the sanctuary is now home to 27 Rhinos, a result of great conservation efforts after reintroduction of Rhinos into the country in 1997.  The sanctuary of now is atop stop for tourists on wildlife safaris in Uganda heading to Murchison Falls National Park.

According to Angie Genade, Executive Director of the Rhino Fund Uganda (RFU) and Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary, the newly born rhino is second generation to be born at the Sanctuary. It was sired by dad Agustu and Mom Malaika, both born at the sanctuary to Nandie a donation from Disney’s Animal Kingdom, USA and father, Taleo from Kenya.

Ziwa Rhino sanctuary was established in 2005 by a collaborative effort of the Uganda Wildlife Authority, Rhino Fund Uganda (a private non-profit organization) and Ziwa Ranchers Ltd (a private land management company) to re-introduce the southern white rhinoceros. The black Rhinoceros and Northern White Rhinoceros were once indigenous to Uganda but got extinct by 1982. The sanctuary started with 6 rhinos but of recent they number to 27 rhinos. With Taleo, Moja, Bella, Kori, Hassani, Nandi and their off spring.

Rhino tracking in Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary

For a Rhino trekking experience at Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary, it starts with a drive to the sanctuary from any of your destinations most popularly Kampala. When you arrive the sanctuary, you need to drive to the trek point, you then are welcomed and accorded a well-trained ranger guide to take you through the bush to where the rhinos are. On arrival you enter the territory of the southern white rhinos on foot along with well trained rangers. Not like many of the Uganda safari activities that are done on game drives using 4×4 pop up roof vehicles, rhino trekking is done on foot.  On reaching where they are, you have the opportunity to see these magnificent endangered creatures in this beautiful habitat. Your ranger guide is there to keep you safe during the activity.

During the Rhino trekking activity, you can get chance to see other species like the Uganda kobs, oribis, bush bucks, water bucks among others and a number of other bird species.

Rhino tracking is one of the kid friendly Uganda wildlife safari activity and therefore, you can opt to go for the trek along with children from ages six (6).

Thanks to the strong conservation efforts by the sanctuary management, all of the big five sought after wild animals on an African safari can now be seen in numerous numbers with the other 4 at Murchison Falls National Park on a single trip in Uganda.



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