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Requirements for self drive car hire in Uganda-Uganda Safari News

Requirements self-drive car hire in Uganda-Uganda Safari News

Requirements for self drive car hire in Uganda-Uganda Safari News

Hiring a car in Uganda is not any complicated whether with a Uganda travel guide or just self drive car hire in Uganda, its easy to book a safari or any kind of vehicle. Hiring a car is one of the easiest ways to maneuver around the country for any reasons that a person needs to hire a vehicle. Car hire rentals Uganda Kampala offer all kinds of vehicles as well as qualified drivers and professional safari guides who you pay for an extra fee.

In case of a safari to the any of the national parks, planning to hire a vehicle with a professional guide is necessary since they have more knowledge about the destinations. Self-drive car hire in Uganda is offered but the process of hire is not as the same as that of hiring a car with a driver, there requirements for hiring a self-drive car.

Requirements self-drive car hire in Uganda-Uganda Safari News

General requirements for hiring a self-drive car in Uganda


Payment for the car is a must before the car is handed over to person hiring the car. Prices for the cars differ since the price for 4×4 cars for hire in Uganda may have different prices from 4×4 safari tour vans for rent in Uganda.

Expertise in driving is a key requirement. A valid driving permit is required for Ugandan nationals. For non-citizens, a driving license and passport are required and should be verified before you set out with the vehicle.

National identification card is required from the person hiring the car. A Ugandan national identity card is required for Ugandans and any other identification for non-citizens.

The main reason for Self drive car hire for safari in Uganda is the flexibility that comes with road tripping at your own pace responding to the urge of many tourists to discover their own adventure. You have your own travel means therefore you can adjust your travel plans for a stop at sight of anything amazing or something new you hear about. For many taking the road trip adventure by your own is not only cost effective but more exciting with spontaneous stops.

Take a Uganda tour or travel to your preferred destination at your pace, believe it, it’s better than traveling by public mean, the comfort is incomparable

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