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The Concealed Beauty of Karuma Falls; Karuma Game Reserve- Uganda safari News

Karuma game reserve was established in 1964 to initially act as a buffer zone between Murchison Falls National Park (the largest protected area in Uganda 3,840km2) and surrounding villages in addition to other un-conserved areas. This area was traditionally an extensive area for large animals such as the elephants, buffaloes, and hippos on top of the smaller wildlife species, a number still encountered on safaris in Uganda. The water falls is associated with a local tale that the rocks that form these waterfalls were contrived by a powerful traditional spirit called Karuma where the reserve derives its name.

Location of Karuma Game Reserve Uganda

Karuma game reserve within Murchison conservation area is situated in Kiryandongo district in western Uganda sitting on 820km2(317square meters) at an elevation of 1,066m(3,497ft).  Murchison conservation area consists of Budongo forest reserve, Kaniyo-pabidi forest and Bugungu wildlife reserve 748sqkm (289sqmi).  The Nile River-worlds second longest river races down rapids between high forested banks as it makes its way to the North. High adventure enthusiasts on Uganda safaris to the Nile River discover the concealed beauty of the river at Karuma falls when they plan tailored Uganda wildlife safaris to Murchison Falls National Park.

What to see and do at Karuma Game Reserve Uganda

The stunning Karuma waterfalls on the Victoria Nile with beautiful scenery. The falls comprises of a number of naturally cascading interlocking rock-formations that appear like a series of steps all the way from up(100m) to the bottom of the calm Victoria Nile, a thrilling view for nature lovers on Uganda adventure tours. The cascading water keeps splashing and hitting the rocks giving a breath-taking water-spray from the splashing waters and appearing as white as snow during the rainy season. Karuma falls is the first of an 80km long stretch of low falls and rapids which represents the point where an enlarged Lake Kyoga bursts its banks to scour a new source of the Nile river to the Rift Valley.

The reserve has diverse wildlife species that love this breath-taking view too with some being, the Uganda kobs, olive baboons, Black and white colobus monkeys, L’Hoest’s monkeys, the Topis, Cape Buffaloes, Elephants, vervet monkeys, Rothschilds giraffes, the Oribis, occasionally the Lions and Leopards and the Hippopotamuses. Tourists on Uganda wildlife safaris who extend their safaris to Murchison Falls National Park add more wildlife species to their African safari experience.

Birds within the Murchison conservation area are beautiful with numerous differences in their sounds. Bird species in Karuma game reserve include the Shoebill which is endemic to Africa and has survived evolution (it’s in its original form from centuries ago) and the most sought-after bird by all passionate birders on Uganda birding safaris, the swamp fly catcher, the Giant Heron, African Jacana, Grey crowned Cranes, the Red-Throated Bee-Eater, Abyssinian Ground Hornbill and Denham’s bustard but not limited to.

Sightseeing along Karuma falls with naturally cascading interlocking rock-formations that appear like a series of steps gives wonderful memories with the water spray experience making it even more amazing.

With this ideal view, Uganda birding tours are memorable due to the number of beautiful bird species like the Abyssinian Ground Hornbill, Red -Throated Bee-Eater, swamp fly catcher, the Giant Heron and definitely the Shoebill stork.

Getting to Karuma Game Reserve Uganda

By air: Uganda safari trips to Karuma game reserve are possible by air;

Chartered flights are organized from Entebbe International airport to Bugungu airstrip by Aerolink Uganda 1131 taking / flying for about 1h with three flights a week on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday departing at 12:30 and arriving at 13:30. From Bugungu airstrip, Karuma game reserve is 138km via Bobi-Masindi road which takes about 2h 36min.

By road: Tour Uganda’s concealed beauty by road and have an interesting African safari experience. Road distances from some major towns include;

From Entebbe International airport, Karuma wildlife reserve is 276km via Masindi-Kampala road about 4h 52min.

Via Kampala-Gulu highway, Karuma game reserve is 318km taking about 5h 48min.

From Kampala-Uganda’s capital, Karuma game reserve is 236km via Masindi-Kampala road about 3h 33min.

From Kiryandongo town, Karuma game reserve is 14.6km via Bobi-Masindi road about 23minutes.

From Murchison Falls National Park, via Bobi-Masindi road, Karuma game reserve is 111km about 2h 11min.

From Masindi town, Karuma game reserve is 76.4km via the best route of Bobi-Masindi road about 1h 34min.

Where to stay/accommodation in Karuma Game Reserve Uganda

Safari accommodation for tourists on Uganda safari tours travelling on either Luxury/ up-market, mid-range or budget/ basic is available in the nearby towns.

Luxury/ up-market safari accommodation is availed at Chobe safari lodge in Lolim.

Mid-range safari accommodation is availed in Karuma Travellers Hotel along Karuma road.

Budget/ basic accommodation is availed at New court view Hotel in Masindi, Alinda Guest House in Masindi, Country Inn in Masindi, Aribas Hotel in Masindi.

Best time to safari/tour Karuma Game Reserve Uganda

The best time of the year is during the months of December-February and June-August when the road is passable and views are clear. During the rainy months of March, April, May, September and October the falls are spectacular as they appear as white as snow.

Experience two waterfalls formed on the Nile river, with the world’s most powerful waterfall-Murchison Falls, the sought after legendary bird-the shoebill, and amazing wildlife on  just one Uganda safari to Karuma game reserve.

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