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The impressive Lake Bunyonyi-Uganda safari news

Lake Bunyonyi

Lake Bunyonyi- The World’s Natural Splendour Lake

Lake Bunyonyi

Lake Bunyonyi

Being landlocked hasn’t ever been reason to limit recreational activities in Uganda. Lake Bunyonyi is one of the most beautiful lakes in the world and the deepest in Africa. One of the popular spots tailored on our popular 3 days gorilla tour bwindi, here i bring to you about Lake Bunyonyi and why you will need to relax at the shotres of this lake on your trip;

Background of Lake Bunyonyi Uganda

The word Bunyonyi has a connotation of many small birds actually found in this Lake. The lake has 29 islands with historical islands of akampene (punishment) island big enough for the one tree growing there, an island where pregnant unmarried girls were left by the Bakiga after a forceful abortion either to die of starvation or while trying to swim back through the deep waters to their homes. Men with no capability to pay bride price would go and pick a girl from this island. This was done to stop the young girls from getting pregnant before marriage. The Bwama and Njuyeera islands (sharp’s island) was associated with an English missionary Leonard sharp who established a leprosy treatment Centre on Bwama island as he settled on Njuyeera island and this was aimed at attracting leprosy patients from leaving the communities and settling on this island. The history of these islands has propelled tourist yo travel to Uganda to encounter this Uganda cultural safari.

Location of Lake Bunyonyi Uganda

Lake Bunyonyi- the second deepest lake in Africa, a treasure greatly wonderful, is found in south western Uganda between the districts of Kisoro and Kabale close to the border with Rwanda. Lake Bunyonyi is 1962m above sea level (6,437ft) on an area of 60square kilometers and a depth of 44m(144ft)-900m(2,962ft). The lakes’ main Centre is in Bufuka village mainly inhabited by Bakiga and Batwa. This beautiful lake should be on the top list visit places while planning a birding safari in Uganda because of the lakes enormous number of birds whirling in the sky.

How to get to Lake Bunyonyi Uganda;

How to get to Lake Bunyonyi Uganda by road. Lake Bunyonyi is 410km from Kampala to Kabale town about 7hours drive on a tarmac road and 8km from Kabale on a marram road. 64.8km from Bwindi impenetrable forest national park about 2hours and 20 minutes’ drive via Muko-Bufundi road,77km from Bwindi impenetrable forest national park about 2hours and 26mins via Bufundi -Butanda road.

How to get to Lake Bunyonyi by air. If you opt for a flight to your ultimate Uganda birding safari destination, you can have a flight from Entebbe via Kasese to Rutinda 9km from kabale town then a road drive of 8km to Lake Bunyonyi.

What to see and do in Lake Bunyonyi Uganda

The re-inventive Lake. Lake Bunyonyi has moderate temperatures all year round because of the mist caused by the dense tropical forests surrounding the area. The lake during morning hours is normally covered by a blanket of mist that may make the lake invisible and this could happen a number of times a day if you are lucky you might even see this for more than an hour before the lake is seen again so don’t expect only the waters, the lake will give you the magic you will never see anywhere else in Uganda. This spot is a good Uganda adventure safari stop from Bwindi impenetrable forest national park after being wowed by the gorilla trekking Uganda safaris.

The many little birds over 200 species like the Cardinal wood pecker, the levillant cuckoo, weavers, white tailed blue monard, African Harrer Hawk, grew crowned cranes, Herons, egrets. For passionate birders this is one good spot for your birding safari in Uganda to listen to the sounds of many little birds that will bewilder you with great melodies that would eventually stick to your mind like that lovely song you keep on listening several times and still enjoy.Birding tours in Uganda Is the key activity since Bunyonyi means lake of small birds a reason this lake was named after the various bird species. You can take a boat cruise to go birding to Akampene (punishment island), Habuharo, Bucuraniko, Bushara and Bwama Islands.

Fish species in the lake include the crayfish an offspring of Louisiana Crayfish a rare fish species. The lake is free from Bilharzia and therefore going fishing would be one of the thrilling things on this deep lake. Other fish in the lake include lung-fish and tilapia.

Lake Bunyonyi

A dive into Lake Bunyonyi

Water sports like swimming offer a great refreshing time in Lake Bunyonyi since the water is Hippo-crocodile-bilharzia free, but expertise in swimming is key since the lake is Africa’s deepest and following safety precautions is helpful. Relaxation is one of the benefits of swimming in Lake Bunyonyi with the terraced hills above the Lake.

Canoeing or boating especially the dugout canoe as you go island hopping is a memorable colorful adventure safari tour as you view different bird species giving another view of the magical lake. This archipelago of 29 islands is all great to adventure with a variety of natural breath-taking wonders and histories attached to them like Akampene (punishment island) with one tree growing there.

You can also undertake cultural tours to the surrounding country side either by taking a nature walk or biking to meet the Batwa(pygmies), the Abaheesi (traditional black smiths) where you will hear echoes reverberating in a distance since everyone here is hammering something. The tales and entertainment from the creative Ugandans will give you a memorable lifetime cultural safari in Uganda with insights of an original African setting in a current context.

Close to the lake, you can also hike on the verdant rolling hills that range between 2,200 to 2,478 meters above sea level surrounding the lake could get you to Bukoora caves that give a spectacular view of Lake Bunyonyi. This cave is the best point to sit down relax, meditate and let the beauty sink in as you appreciate the stunning landscape, water, birds and wildlife after your Uganda gorilla trekking safari at Bwindi impenetrable National Park or Mgahinga gorilla national park Uganda.

Lake Bunyonyi is indeed  a spectacular place that you can’t afford to miss tailoring to your safari just to get a break from the trek or wildlife viewing.

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