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Tubing on the Nile River is such an Exciting Activity – Uganda Safari News

Tubing on the Nile River is such an Exciting Activity – Uganda Safari News

Uganda has for decades been known as the source of the Nile River – the world’s longest river.  The Nile River is one of the amazing features in the country and a Uganda safari destination that offers great adventure memories. The Nile is famous for water activities like white water rafting with its source known to be in Eastern Uganda famous for Jinja source of the Nile tours. The adventure continues with the flow of the water north and you then meet this again at Murchison Falls National Park a popular Uganda wildlife safari where the Nile makes the world’s most powerful waterfall as the Nile water squeezes through a 7-meter-wide gorge pouring 45m down into what is known as the devil’s cauldron.

With the good ambience for Uganda tour activities, an adventurous activity you haven’t probably heard of but would be amazed doing is tubing on the Nile River.

What is Tubing on the Nile River?

You would probably wonder what tubing on the Nile River is and here I take you through what it means.

Tubing on the Nile River is an activity on which you start with a cruise using a motorboat to the up currents with round tube, tire like carried along. After then you float on top of the water down stream in a group with tubes linked to each other with a string. This is amazing right! Who wouldn’t want to float down the worlds longest river along with their funs as they have fun. This is not a full day activity therefore you can even do it on a 1-day Jinja source of the Nile tour.

After tubing down the Nile River, you can opt to relax at the shores of the Nile river by having some barbecue or go for a walk at sunset along the shores.

At the Nile River, there several other activities in Jinja source of the Nile that you can undertake including white water rafting, Quad biking, Horse back riding, cycling, birding or take a Jinja city tour. Following the Nile waters north, you can also go for a boat cruise or game drive at Murchison Falls National Park on your Uganda wildlife tour.

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