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Banyole Culture

These people live in Bunyole County Tororo district. Although they seem like a Basoga sub-group, they also share a lot of traits with the Basamia-Bagwe especially with the customs, origin and language they speak. The banyole people claim to have originated from the Banyala people of Kenya and with their births, marriage and burial ceremonies closely related to the Basamia-Bagwe people with small variation.

Regarding births rituals, when a young baby was born, the placenta would be taken off to be buried to a place where no one could see because it was believed that once it is known by an evil person, he/ she could use it to inflict harm on the new born baby or prevent the baby mother from getting pregnant once again.

The mother of the new born baby would remain in house until the umbilical cord remains are off from the naval system and these remains were later on kept in a special gourd and the baby mother could keep as many cords as the number of her new born children. The umbilical cords were believed to be of important in case of any bad happening.

Food that was prepared for the baby mother was not given to any other person except the baby mother and her husband. In case the mother gave birth to twins, a special porridge was made for the mother.

Regarding their death rituals, the man was given 3 days of mourning during which there was no bathing whereas for a woman, it was 4 days. Kasanja ceremony would be performed along a road junction to bring the mourning to an end and then people would bathe and go back to their normal routine work. They face the dead to eastern direction showing their origins.

Regarding their marriage rituals, the young girl would be required to present the man of her choice to the father and mother and then bride price arrangements would be made and there after the girl would get married.

In case of husband died, the clan would choose any of his brothers to marry the deceased lady.

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