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What do Gorillas do all the day

The daily routine of a mountain gorilla includes foraging early in the morning and have a rest during the late morning and midday. In the late afternoon they forage before they rest at night. The mountain gorillas leave their sleeping nests at 6am in the morning except when it’s too cold, that’s when they stay up their nests.

They spend half day foraging and their resting moments can take up to even a third of the day. Mountain gorillas have social contacts especially during their rest periods and the midday time is so important for the social life of the whole group. This is the moment when they interact with their companions as the young ones play without any interruption.

When two groups meet, the two heads of both groups (silverbacks) could get into a deadly fight using their canines to injure one another. They will hoot, rise on their legs, throw- slap –tear vegetation, beat their chest with cupped hands, kick with one leg and thump the ground with their palms.

The gorilla groups can approximately move 1km daily foraging and this occasionally depends on food availability though sometimes they move great distances to get their best food.

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